Nevada's most premier downhill mountain bike race series

There will be a $1,000.00 Pro Cash Purse for the Enduro Competition provided by: GT Bicycles

1st place = $250, 2nd place $125, 3rd place $75, 4th place $30 & 5th place $20

Pro Men and Pro Women will be awarded 5 deep.  Equal pay-outs for pro men and pro women.

Pro/Open Men

Kaj Wrobel from Mesa, Arizonoa racing for Danger Ride Co./Action Rideshop


Pro/Open Women

Stefanie McDaniel


The 6-10 age bracket will not race in stage 1. They will be getting a shuttle to stage 3 only. They can also pedal as long as they make cut-off time.




Girls 6-10





Girls 11-14




Cat 1/Male/15-18



Cat 1/Female/15-18



Cat 1/Male/19-29

Nicolas Dickten from San Ramon, California racing for Sports Basement & UNR


Cat 1/Female/19-29



Cat 1/Male/30-39

Colton Lee from Idaho Falls, Idaho racing for BISON.ONE RACING / BILL'S BIKE & RUN / KLIM


Cat 1/Female/30+



Cat 1/Male/40-49

Aaron Carter from Salt Lake City, Utah racing for Leatt


Cat 1/Male/50-59



Cat 1/Male/60+



Cat 2/Male/15-18



Cat 2/Female/15-18

Zoe Steele from Sandy, Utah racing for RaceKraft/



Chase Roberts from Le Mesa, California


Cat 2/Female/19-29



Cat 2/Male/30-39



Cat 2/ Female/30+



Cat 2/Male/40-49



Cat 2  & 3 Male/50-59



Cat 2  & 3 Male/60+



Cat 3/Male/15-18



Cat 3/Female/15-18



Cat 3/Male/19-29

Dylan Stout from Las Vegas, Nevada racing for Southwest Bikes, Arc-Iris, Apache Pine

David Mills from Idaho Falls, Idaho racing for BISON.ONE RACING / BILL'S BIKE & RUN / KLIM

Aaron Prado from Las Vegas, Nevada racing for TUN Cycling


Cat 3/Female/19-29



Cat 3/Male/30-39

Travis Brun from Sierra Vista, Arizona racing for Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Brandon Olson from Peoria, Arizona





Cat 3/Male/40-49

Shaun Cazin from Las Vegas, Nevada racing for IITFWI RACING

Christopher Sexton from Las Vegas, Nevada