Nevada's most premier downhill mountain bike race series Note. This is last year's January Itinerary. This year's will be almost identical but some Enduro times may be slightly adjusted for this year's racecourse. Friday January 17 9:00 am: Packet Pick Up/Registration opens and shuttle service begins. 1:30 pm: Dual Slalom race. 1:30 pm: DVO Happy Hour alongside the DS track. 4:00 pm: Last Shuttle goes up for open practice and registration closes. 4:51 pm: Sun sets. Saturday January 18 7:30 am: Packet Pick Up & registration opens for DH. 8:30 am: Rider meeting at the registration area for Enduro racers only. 8:30: All Enduro racers are shuttled to the start of stage 1. 9:00 am: Enduro stage 1 begins and goes by categories. (pros 1st, Category 1, Category 2, Category 3, then Juniors last) (Enduro stage 2 will be a Show and Go format starting at approx. 8:30 am) 9:30 am: DH Shuttles start. 10:00 am: Enduro stage 1 closes. 11:00 am: Enduro stage 2 closes. 12:00 pm: Enduro stage 3 begins and goes by categories. (same order as stage 1 start) 1:00 pm: Enduro stage 3 closes. 1:30 pm: Enduro race ends. 2:30 pm: Enduro awards ceremony and GT Bicycles raffle. 4:00 pm: DH Registration closes, Last shuttles go up. 4:52 pm: Sun sets. 7:00 pm: Supercross party at the Hoover Dam Lodge. Sunday January 19 8:00 am: Registration opens. Shuttle service for open practice begins. 8:45 am: Rider meeting at the registration area for DH racers, start times posted. 9:45 am: DH start for 6-10 age bracket only 10:00 am: DH starts for all others (pros go last) 12:30 pm: DH race ends. 1:00 pm: Open Chainless 2:00 pm: Downhill awards ceremony. 4:00 pm: Last shuttles go up. 4:52 pm Sun sets. *Schedule revised on 12-1-19 and is subject to change.