Nevada's most premier downhill mountain bike race series
Friday March 15th 9:00 am: Packet Pick Up/Registration and shuttle service begins for all racers. Open practice all day on all race courses. 4:00 pm: Last shuttle goes up for open practice and registration closes. 6:46 pm: Sun sets. Saturday March 16th 8:00 am: Packet Pick Up & registration opens for DH. 8:00 am: Downhill open practice begins and stays open all day. 9:30 am: Rider meeting at the registration area for Enduro racers only. 9:45: All Enduro racers begin their pedal to the start of stage 1. 10:00 am: Enduro stage 1 begins and goes by categories. (pros 1st, category 1, 2, 3 then all junior categories) 10:30 am: Enduro stage 2 will start at 9:30 am by the fastest racer. Note. The 6-10 age bracket will do stages 1 and 3 only and go after all others have left. 11:15 am: Enduro stage 1 closes. 12:30 pm: Enduro stage 3 begins and goes by categories. (pros 1st and category 3 last) 1:30 pm: Enduro stage 2 closes. 11:30 pm: Enduro stage 3 closes. 2:15 pm: Enduro race ends. 2:45 pm: Enduro awards ceremony and Enduro Series Final awards. 4:00 pm: DH Registration closes and last shuttles go up. 6:47 pm: Sun sets. 7:00 pm: Supercross party at the Hoover Dam Lodge.. Sunday March 17th 7:00 am: Start times posted. 8:00 am: Shuttle service for open practice begins and DH registration opens for 1 hour only. 9:00 am: Downhill registration closes and last minute sign ups will be added to the start list. 9:45 am: DH start for 6-10 age bracket only 10:00 am: DH starts for all others (pros go last) 12:30 pm: DH race ends. 1:00 pm: Open Chainless 2:00 pm: Downhill awards ceremony and Downhill Series Finals awards. 4:00 pm: Last shuttles go up. 6:48 pm Sun sets. *Schedule revised on 1-22-19 and is subject to change.